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2020 National Entrepreneurship Week Banquet

Entrepreneur of the Year - Top 5 for 2019

Brad Meier introduced each of the top 5 finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year. 

  • Tanya Henson - Hat Chic Clothing, Inc. Read Tanya's story here.

  • Paula Trenda - Curly Girlz Candy. Read Paula's story here.

  • Reagan West - Owatonna Fitness. Read Reagan's story 

  • Tim Pelton, Mark Sebring, Rod Baker, Mark Knutson, Bill Cronin - Mineral Springs Brewery. Read their story here.

  • Jay Johnson - Revol Greens. Read their story here.


Tanya Henson

Paula Trenda


Mark Knutson, Rod Baker, Mark Sebring, Bill Cronin and Tim Pelton

Reagan West


Jay Johnson

Brad was then given the sealed envelope that contained the winning name for Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019. Brad announced the team from Mineral Springs Brewery as the winner! Bill Cronin spoke on behalf of the group, sharing their appreciation for the honor of being nominated and thanked everyone.

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