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Entrepreneurship Stories

We are continually gathering the stories of our Entrepreneurs and we enjoy sharing their stories throughout the year leading up to National Entrepreneurship Week on our social media channels. We have many, many entrepreneurs in our community deserving of this honor, and we want to make sure each year that our nominating classes are special and represent our community well. Anyone on this list will automatically be considered for our Hall of Fame or Entrepreneur of the Year awards. 

Once a nomination is submitted, a page on this website will be setup to recognize those who are nominated. Once the nomination is submitted, you will be contacted by one of our authors, who will ask you questions and ask for pictures that we can share with the community. 


*The stories that are done are in green, those we are currently working on are in yellow, and red hasn't been started yet. 

Arthur E. Cowden

Truth Hardware (now Amesbury Truth)

Gerry Dietz
Chuck Driessen
Alysha Frie and Kellie Jordahl

Owners of Bellebrooke Boutique

Metal Services of Blooming Prairie, Inc.

John Jensen

TriM Graphics

The Retrofit Companies, Inc.

Hometown Motors

Betsy Lindgren
Al Martin
Stan Muckle

Muckle Manufacturing Company

Mike Noble

Noble RV

Greg Olson


Sette Sports Center

Torey Statlander, Bob and Bonnie Cole

Torey's Restaurant and Bar

Sweet Towing and Repair

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