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Who is New @ The Center

Some things have to stay cold. Thankfully Owatonna is not one of them. There are people that specialize in keeping things cold. Last fall the Center opened its doors to a new to Minus 20, LLC as a new tenant and that’s one of the things they do.

Steve Oatway, the owner of Minus 20, explained that Minus 20’s transport division offers a dedicated service to Anchorage and Fairbanks. The specially designed temperature-controlled trailers provide the environment required to deliver produce, fresh meats, or frozen products in top condition.

The specialized trailers are a key component to success, but a quality staff is even more important. Their experience in shipping temperature- controlled freight spans over 30 years.

Handling the temperature-controlled freight allowed Steve to build a solid reputation with the Minus 20 Transport division. To fully utilize such a dedicated and experienced staff, Steve recently decided to add Minus 20 Logistics to the services they offer.

We are happy to have Minus 20, LLC as a tenant. If you have questions about Minus 20 Transport or Minus 20 Logistics, you can contact the company by phone

(507) 413-7820

Or through their website.

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