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The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck. Don’t touch your tongue to a metal flagpole in the winter in Minnesota. is a large electronic commerce company. There are some things you just know. What you may not know is that over 47% of the items you order from Amazon don’t come from Amazon itself? (NASDAQ:AMZN) Those items are actually sold by a third party vendor.

The world of commerce is ever-changing. There are some fundamental pillars of business that hold fast. One such pillar is that people can’t buy what they don’t know exists. Your product or service has to “get in front” of the market. The old and widely misquoted axiom “if you build a better mousetrap” is not even remotely true. Innovation alone is not a recipe for success. There are roughly 2 million sellers on How do you get your product noticed in a crowd that size? Bring in

The Center welcomed (KWI) this winter as our newest tenant. James Harbal, the principal of KWI, started off as one of the mass of Amazon sellers. As a seller he was constantly refining his web presence to get his products in front of the largest group of potential buyers in the most efficient manner. It was the process of refining that ultimately led to a new product / service.


n 2014 James started to provide keyword and product research services to Amazon and other ecommerce sellers. If someone does invent a better mousetrap, can help the world beat a path to their door.

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